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The More Wholly Catholic Church History


Paperback; 344 pages
5 & 1/4 x 7 & 3/8 x 1 & 7/8 inches
The Reverend Dr. Dennis Demes, OSB
Priory Press (2020)

The More Wholly Catholic Church History is an historical survey of the Christian Church, from its origins in first century Judaea to today. It focuses primarily on bodies that identify with what is commonly referred to as "Apostolic Succession," and while it makes no pretense to address the validity of the various proponents of such claims, it traces common threads of their relationship through time.

Father Demes is the author of An Analytical Insight in Discourse I Corinthians and Soaring Forth, an Introduction to the Gospel of St. John. He earned his Ph.D. in Sacred Scripture at Boston College. 

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