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Anglican Catholic Faith and Practice

Color Paperback, viii+ 170 pages
5 & 1/2 x 8 & 3/8 x 3/8inches
2nd Edition Revised and Updated, Third Printing (2011) 

Written by the Right Reverend Mark Haverland, Anglican Catholic Faith and Practice provides a succinct, yet thorough, introduction to orthodox Anglican belief. Along the way Bishop Haverland covers topics such as Authority in the Church, the Bible, Church History, the Sacraments and Worship, and Christian Moral Teaching. New material includes sections on the Thirty Nine Articles, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and issues such as medical ethics.

Bishop Haverland's predecessor, the Right Reverend William Lewis had the following to say about Anglican Catholic Faith and Practice:

We find that the old books by which we were long ago taught the Faith are no longer available. Clergy libraries and seminary collections will have them, but what is needed is a new book proclaiming the ancient doctrine, discipline, and worship to which the Anglican Catholic Church is adamantly committed. We have here just such a book. It is not a long book, and it does not dwell too long on any subject, But it puts down before us that teaching that the Church must give her children if they are to grow in the Faith and carry it on to further generations.

In essence Anglican Catholic Faith and Practice lays out the foundations upon which the Anglican Catholic Church stands.

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