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Soaring Fourth


Paperback; 210 pages
5 & 1/4 x 7 & 3/8 x 1 & 7/8 inches
The Reverend Dr. Dennis Demes, OSB
Priory Press (2021)

Soaring Fourth is a study of John's Gospel. In introducing the work, Father Demes writes that while the Gospel came "into existence to answer the needs of people at the time, it results from an experience of events of the eyewitnesses who testify to it and eventually commit it to history in writing it down, making it no less meaningful for each of us today." Soaring Fourth is written for those who wish to understand John's relevance to Christians today. It reveals an enthusiasm for the study of Scripture and a wish to share the message of the Fourth Gospel to new generations. 

Father Demes is the author of An Analytical Insight in Discourse on I Corinthians, The More Wholly Catholic Church History, and Revealing the Apocalypse. He earned his Ph.D. in Sacred Scripture at Boston College. 

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