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2023 Ordo Kalendar


2023 Calendar

10 x 12 & 5/8 inches
12 pages with hole punch for hanging

This year’s Kalendar commemorates Anglican Servants of God as laid out in the 1933 Supplement to the Missal published by W. Knott & Son, Ltd. This supplement was edited by The Reverend James Tait Plowden-Wardlaw, a barrister and priest of the Church of England. Born in 1873, Wardlaw was a graduate of King’s College, Cambridge and served as an advocate in Cape Colony, South Africa before returning to England to be ordained. Between 1911 and 1953 he served a number of English parishes, with the only hiatus being from 1916-1918 when he served as a chaplain to the British Army. In introducing his work, he writes:

In describing these holy servants of God as Blessed, we do not in any way anticipate the final judgment of the whole Church; but in the peculiar circumstances of our local Church we salute them as Blessed under the indirect authority of widespread appreciation of their devout and saintly lives, a national valuation which is a veritable Vox Ecclesiae…. We have moreover described these holy men and women, who as yet possess neither canonization by authority, nor the sanction of immemorial custom, not as Saints but as Blessed, hoping that in the course of years their full canonization may be accomplished by constitutional methods.

In 2002 and 2004 the ACC College of Bishops discussed incorporating these Anglican beati into the worship of the church, an act which was accomplished in the publication of the revised Anglican Missal in 2020. Though the Missal includes familiar names from the 17th century (such as George Herbert, Nicholas Ferrar, Thomas Ken), the men and women featured in this Kalendar are examples of Anglican holiness from a later era. In featuring them here, the hope is to remind the faithful that the Communion of Saints extends even to the present day.

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