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A Manual For Priests


Black Cloth Hardback, xiv + pages
5 x 7 & 7/8 x 1 inches
First APA Printing, September 2004

First published by the Society of St. John the Evangelist in 1944, the Manual for Priests has become an indispensable resource for parish clergy.

Drawing on sources such as the Authorized Prayer Books of the Churches of the Anglican Communion, the Sarum Missal, and the Paris Missal, the Manual contains prayers, blessings, and minor offices for almost any occasion. Of its utility, its editor, Father Earle Hewett Maddux, writes:

The Occasional Offices and Prayers of the Prayer Book bear witness to the sovereignty of God: that he rules over the whole of life from birth to death, and that no concern of his children can be unimportant in his sight. This is in accord with the teaching of Our Lord as recorded in the Gospels, and with the deepest convictions of the Church from earliest times... For the great needs and the great moments of life there are the seven Sacraments. But the lesser moments, the activities of daily life, these too are hallowed. Certain of the offices and blessings contained in this book are rightly concerned with the things of everyday life.

APA's version is the Fifth edition, originally published in 1968.




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