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1928 BCP/KJV Bible
(Leather Binding)


Black Leather; lvii + 611 + 1778 pages
5 & 1/4 x 7 & 3/8 x 1 & 7/8 inches
Second Printing by APA (2015)

This lovely book consists of two parts: the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the Authorized version of the Bible.

The 1928 Book of Common Prayer is beloved by Anglican traditionalists throughout the United States. Unlike the 1979 book that was adopted by the Episcopal Church, the 1928 BCP stands in direct line of descent from Thomas Cranmer's 1549 Book of Common Prayer, and as such, its collects preserve the beauty of the Archbishop's original prose. The Epistles and Gospels are taken from the Authorized Version (otherwise known as the King James Bible) and the Psalter remains that which has been used by generations of Anglicans throughout the world, that of the Great Bible of 1539.

The Authorized, or King James Bible, is perhaps the most influential book ever published in the English speaking world. The beauty of its language has influenced countless writers and speakers, and its phrases ring in the cultural memory of English speaking Christendom. APA's version includes the Apocrypha, something of a rarity in modern publications. Also includes the 1945 lectionary. 

The BCP/KJV comes bound in black genuine leather. Each BCP/KJV comes bound with 6 colored ribbons for use as bookmarks. Assembled by a library bindery, with a reinforced spine,Smyth-sewn throughthe fold of each signature, and designed to stand up to  heavy use. Pages for dedications, as well as for commemorations of family events, are included at the front.

The 1928 Book of Common Prayer's text font is 11 point Century Old Style. The King James Version of the Bible's text font is 9 point Century Old Style. It is not available in large print. 

This book is distributed in honor of Father John M. Cooper, of his beloved wife, Josephine Pedro Cooper, and of Father John McKay.

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