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The Psalms of David


Black Hardback, xiv + 308 pages (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)
8 & 3/4 x 11 & 1/4 x 1
Second Printing, 2012

The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 prayers--prayers that, even from their original composition, were meant to be sung. The manner in which these have been sung in the English tradition has been known as "Anglican Chant."

Evolving out of the plainsong psalm tones, Anglican Chant was the result of parts being added to the melody, and an effort to match the natural speech-rhythm of English to metered music written for the Latin tongue. While Anglican Chant was well established by the eighteenth century, its golden age was the Victorian era, when it became a prominent part of worship and many new tunes were composed.

This version of Anglican psalmody was arranged and pointed by Dr. George Howell Guest (1924-2002) during his tenure as Choirmaster and University Organist at St. John's College, Cambridge. His career at St. John's included the production of some sixty choral recordings, countless radio broadcasts, and numerous international tours.

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