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St. Stephen's English Gradual


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The St. Stephen English Gradual is a modern revision of Francis Burgess's English Gradual by Mr. William Coscarelli, Music Librarian at the University of Georgia and organist at St. Stephen's parish, Athens, Georgia. Designed to be used in concert with the Anglican Missal in the American Edition, The St. Stephen English Gradual will be a welcome addition in any parish where liturgical chant is used during the course of the mass. Of this arrangement, the editor writes:

This edition of the Proper of the Mass, which I call The St. Stephen English Gradual, has come about for several reasons. First, the collection of Proper chants traditionally used in the Anglican Catholic liturgy, The English Gradual, Part II, the Proper for the Liturgical Year, as edited by Francis Burgess, is out of print. Second, the texts in The English Gradual are from the English Hymnal and correspond to the British edition of the Anglican Missal, which has textual differences with the American edition of the Anglican Missal. Third, this edition provides me with the opportunity to present my solutions for several issues that I have with The English Gradual. These issues concern the methodology used in adapting English texts to Gregorian psalm tones that have distinctive Latin textual/musical characteristics; the sole use of two-part musical phrase structures that disregard the number of text phrases and musical antecedents of the two-part structures; and the frequent appearance of extremely long recitations.

Purchase of this edition of the Gradual includes rights to unlimited reproduction, so long as it is for use within a single parish or individual choir.

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